Aktiva Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Jump Aero, Seeks to Manufacture parts of the JA1 Pulse in Mexico.



Mexico City, March 26, 2024

Aktiva Capital, a leading investment firm focused on accelerating growth in innovative sectors, is excited to announce its intent to increase its investment in Petaluma-based Jump Aero, the pioneering aerospace startup behind the cutting-edge JA1 Pulse electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

"This strategic investment and partnership with Jump Aero aligns perfectly with Aktiva Capital's mission to support companies at the forefront of technological innovation and sustainability," said Gaston Sosa, Chairman and CEO of Aktiva Capital. "Exploring the possibility of bringing part of the JA1 Pulse manufacturing to Mexico is not just about advancing in the eVTOL sector; it's about creating jobs, fostering economic growth, and putting Mexico on the map as a hub for advanced aerospace manufacturing, while providing communities with much-needed first response support."

Jump Aero's JA1 Pulse is an eVTOL aimed at helping first responders arrive at the scene of an emergency as fast as possible with efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability in mind Its unique capabilities allow for a 30 mile coverage area in 8 minutes, representing a leap forward in the number of lives that can be saved in rural and hard to reach areas

"We are excited to work with Aktiva Capital on the mission of providing timely rural first response -- and to deepen the relationship with one of our earliest investors” stated Carl Dietrich, Chairman and CEO of Jump Aero. " Both Aktiva Capital and Jump Aero are enthusiastic about this partnership's potential to redefine the rapid response market and drive significant economic and technological advancements in the United States, Mexico and beyond.”

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About Aktiva Capital:
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About Jump Aero:
Jump Aero Incorporated is an advanced air mobility company with a mission to leverage electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft technology to help save lives by reducing emergency response times in rural areas. Jump Aero is headquartered in Petaluma, California with satellite offices in Santa Paula, California and Chelsea, Massachusetts. The JA1 Pulse can fly one trained professional plus emergency equipment to unimproved landing zones in rural areas. More detail about the aircraft is available at: www.jumpaero.com